We offer carriage of goods of different sizes – from envelopes, parcels and pallets to full truckloads (FTL) and oversized cargos, eg construction machinery

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ENPIRE Transport – the road haulage company. Our domain is road haulage, both international and domestic. Our goal – provide the service in such a way as to completely relieve you of the formal part of the transport.

Company is made of people. This is their knowledge, professional competence and involvement that make the company grow. ENPIRE Transport gives high priority to the high level of its employees competence. Flexible approach to every transport allows us to work effectively with companies from various industries, guaranteeing safety and fulfilling all of the costumer’s expectations .

We are a reliable and financially stable company. Taking care of our Subcontractors we have built an professional image and trust, which helps us to negotiate the best rates for you.

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ENPIRE Standard transport services are full truckloads (FTL) or Less Than Truck Loads (LTL) transported by truck (semitrailer), semitrailer tractor, commonly known as “TIR” or kits – lorry + trailer (tandem). We carry domestic and international transport.

We have standard and mega semi-trailers which can take loads high up to approx. 3m. The fleet used by us is equipped with a curtain or tilting construction, which gives the possibility of loading and unloading goods by the side, the top and the back.

Neutral loads means goods that:

  • do NOT require special thermal conditions during carriage
  • are NOT considered dangerous (ADR)
  • are NOT oversized (the dimensions and weight of the load do not exceed the maximum permitted standards in a given country – Poland: 24 tonnes, length 15-16m, width 3.5-4.0m, height 3.0-3.5m)

Examples of loads in ENPIRE Standard:

  • Neutral goods on pallets, in big bags, gitterbox containers, etc.
  • Cast iron castings, concrete
  • Scaffolding
  • Building Materials
  • Machinery and components of industrial equipment, ships etc.



The ENPIRE Cool service is nothing more than the refrigerated transport, that is, carriage of goods requiring special thermal conditions. The transport company that carries such cargo for our customers meets all hygienic, heat, durability and service requirements. Our forwarding services offer refrigerated domestic and international transport.

For refrigerated goods are considered as:

  • belonging to perishable groups, i.e. fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products;
  • requiring constant temperature because of their chemical composition, eg adhesives, paints, cosmetics, medicines.

We use the following fleet for the transportation of refrigerated cargo:

  • semi-trailers, lorries and refrigerated chillers – maintain the specific temperature set in the chiller, depending on needs from -20 ° C or not lower than + 12 ° C
  • Lorries, trucks and isotherms – insulating the inside of the semitrailer with isothermal walls, doors, floors and roofs (without refrigeration units)
  • Tankers – similar to isotherms – insulate the tank interior from thermal external factors

According to customer requirements vehicles can be equipped with:

  • thermographs – cyclically recording the temperature in the cold storage during transport
  • Doppelstock system – additional trailer rails are located on the trailer to allow for an additional load
  • multi temperature system – the possibility of dividing the loading surface into chambers where different temperatures are set, allowing for the transport of several types of cargo requiring different thermal conditions



Do you have a small load that you want to be quickly delivered or picked up from anywhere in the country or Europe? ENPIRE Bus service is right there for you! We offer domestic and international transport of neutral loads with delivery vehicles with a maximum gross weight of 3.5t and payload of up to 1700kg, load capacity of up to 17m3 and dimensions of the cargo area (D x SZ x W): 4.2 × 2 × 2m.

Bus transportation:

  • faster delivery times – bus drivers are not obliged to use tachographs, so they do not have to work closely with accordance to working time regulations;
  • it is cheaper than large trailers or trucks;
  • it is safer for small loads, because it does not cause damage when i.e. unloading other goods loaded on trucks.

Examples of neutral loads that can be transported by bus:

  • single pallets
  • goods packed in small cartons
  • single furniture
  • small motors
  • tires
  • bicycles
  • sanitary fittings
  • small tanks

With ENPIRE Bus you can order a dedicated car, which means you will have the entire cargo area of the vehicle for your own needs.



Whether it is domestic or international transport – each country has its own set of standards for the dimensions of heavy goods vehicles that must be followed by all transport companies. Freight transports of which sizes cause these standards to be exceeded require special permits and specialist vehicles. Our offer for oversized transportation is known as ENPIRE XXL.

Loads exceeding 24-25 tons, length 15-16m, width 3.5-4.0m, height 3.0-3.5m are considered oversized and require a transport permit!

The greatest benefit of the ENPIRE XXL service order for over-air transport is that we handle all formalities for the customer – from the classification of cargo to the appropriate group to obtaining all permits in the appropriate offices (see more details on licenses and issuing bodies).

Examples of oversized cargos:

  • steel and wooden constructions
  • industrial or construction equipment and machinery
  • tanks
  • ships
  • railway or streetcars
  • machine elements
  • transformer stations
  • Dutch houses
  • military vehicles
  • precast concrete
  • pools

Used types of semi-trailers:

  • Standard Platform
  • Jacket platform
  • Coilmulde platform
  • Mega platform
  • Jumbo Platform
  • Platform Kit
  • Semi-trailer tiefbett (lowbed)
  • Semi-trailer telesemi
  • Semitrailer telemega
  • Semitrailer tel (telesattel)



ADR cargo transport involves a number of requirements, which, without exception, must be met by both carriers and packing units. In order to carry out the transport of dangerous goods for you, we launched the ENPIRE ADR service. Our subcontractors have every permission, specialized fleet and trained staff to professionally execute every ADR carriage.

Dangerous cargo means goods of which physico-chemical and biological properties are potentially dangerous to people and the environment, so its transport has been subject to numerous restrictions. These restrictions refer to:

  • labeling and packaging
  • selection of means of transport
  • qualification of carriers
  • implementation of the transport process.

For the carriage of dangerous goods we use:

  • standard vehicles, such as semitrailer tractors with semitrailers, having adequate facilities for transport safety
  • tankers



ENPIRE Free, the transport of loose materials. Bulk cargos – granular or brittle loads, measured in bulk or tonage units due to lack of packaging. To perform this service we use a specialized fleet, which is able to carry bulk cargo:

  • dumpers – vehicles or semi-trailers that allow automatic unloading with the rear or side (dump truck)
  • Silos – a cylindrical tank-like structure designed to transport solid-state materials.

We have a fleet that can take loads up to 70m3 and 28t. For our Clients we care that the cargo surfaces are not contaminated with the previously carried goods.

Example bulk loads:

  • gravel
  • coal
  • earth
  • peat
  • grain
  • vegetables and fruits
  • granules

ENPIRE Free is a domestic and international transport. This offer is directed primarily to the food, construction and industrial sectors.

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